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Entrepreneur Abundance System (EAS) is a video podcast show for owners, managers, and marketers of a small business. Its host, Dr. Betsy Kruger, has guided thousands to work less yet profit more in their startup. Betsy releases new episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon. Each 3-minute episode reveals new ways to profit from the 80/20 rule. Step-by-step your business will focus on top customers, use effective marketing strategies, and spark your profits.
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Hi Entrepreneurs, I'll guide you step-by-step to plan wise marketing strategies. Warmly, Betsy

Sep 29, 2016

Episode 14 of the Entrepreneur Abundance System compares your top customers to geese that lay golden eggs. Do you wonder how much more profitable your top customers are than your other customers? Apply this prediction to your business in the Member's Area: Click Here

Sep 27, 2016

Episode 13 of the Entrepreneur Abundance System identifies who are your top customers. You'll learn why they are so profitable and how they differ from others. Betsy Kruger can guide you to describe the top customers of your business: Go to the Member's Area

Sep 22, 2016

Episode 12 of the Entrepreneur Abundance System confirms the 80/20 rule is a universal law of nature. You can quadruple your profit when you focus on the top 20% of your customers. Apply this to your business on the premium area of Link

Sep 20, 2016

Episode 11 of the Entrepreneur Abundance Systems tells how Harley-Davidson Motor Co. restored its profitability by targeting its top customers. Your business can do the same by making wise marketing decisions by clicking Link

Sep 15, 2016

Episode 10 of the Entrepreneur Abundance System shows how Harley-Davidson Motor Company flipped problems into top-quality solutions for its customers. This episode completes Chapter One, "Mission: Focus on Quality." Buy Dr. Kruger's new ebook, "Magnify: Focus on Key Customers, Deliver Value, and Spark Your Profits," on

Sep 13, 2016

Episode 9 of the Entrepreneur Abundance System illustrates how Harley-Davidson identified relevant trends, the problems they cause, and the customers they effect. Identify the real problems of your customers at link

Sep 8, 2016

Episode 8 of the Entrepreneur Abundance System helps you discover the real problems of your customers. Learn how Harley-Davidson Motor Company identified relevant trends, the problems they cause, and the customers they effect. Your business can do likewise at link

Sep 6, 2016

Episode 7 of the Entrepreneur Abundance System persuades you to solve a real problem of your customers. Betsy Kruger describes Sam Walton's initial customers and the problem he solved for them. Like Sam, you can flip a problem into a business opportunity. Follow her step-by-step guide at link


Sep 1, 2016

Flip your elevator speech into a slogan and promote it widely. For example, Kruger's slogan is "Steps to Strategic Power." Your steps are to subscribe to this podcast, get email alerts, and share with friends. Join to plan specific steps to success.